Far Edge CDN (think jsdeliver on the edge)


A curated collection of js libraries solo and grouped into families (ztax) packaged as modern mjs modules for convenient consumption.


User Impact

App developers who want to benefit from edge cached libraries that are grouped into highly functional families:

  • Minimizing the number of requests to load an app
  • Maximizing the “decentralization factor”
  • Collaboratively developing best practices


  • auto deploy via CI
  • library of libraries and example apps and test code
  • intelligent bundling and segregating to minimize requests and maximize edge caching

awesome, thanks for posting this @gotjoshua. Would love to dig into this more. We’ve just been talking internally about bundling WASM code, stuff for Service Workers, etc. and efficiently serving the same CID code

This also seems relevant, but i need to dig in much more deeply:

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I’d love to get in on some of those sessions… Do you have any feedback or ideas about edge ecosystem best practices?