Fear and Loathing and IPFS File Metadata Tricks

Fission is working on defining a Fission File System spec (very work in progress in our whitepaper) that adds some convenience features on top of IPFS, along with support for our encrypted files implementation.

Here’s a neat trick that we came up with while working on metadata:


If you follow that link, you should see this image loaded:

However, we’ve also attached a link within that IPFS entry (which is the same boris.fission.name directory that we use as our default example public content):


How does this work? CIDs for images are actually DAG Nodes pointing to a bunch of chunks of data that make up the image. We put an extra link in there to point to more data:

  "links": [

The image still loads fine. This is a technique we’re looking at to store metadata alongside files broadly – with some specific interesting things to be done with images, like storing multiple different sizes along with the original image.

Problem 1: Doesn’t work for files smaller than the chunk size (32K)

Say we have very short content, like hello world, which by itself looks like this:


And then add the same /embedded link:


It doesn’t work / display correctly:


The /embedded path does still work though:


Screenshot of that path:

IPFS / Gateway Issue

What we’ve identified is that if the IPFS gateway sees links in a node (what would otherwise be a single, non-chunked data node like a short piece of text or data), then it doesn’t interpret it as a content node.

Is this a bug? We think so, since it would be consistent to work in both cases.

Any chance you can share the code you’re using to do this?

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@alanshaw manually with go-ipfs—

ipfs add huntersthompson.jpg

ipfs dag get QmeMu9rLCG1eSEYTYtDw5EDpJbmw8qJPTJszPsLSC4ZNKt

manually add embbedded link

ipfs dag put -f dag-pb



Note that you cannot ipfs get or ipfs cat nodes with this extra link:

$ ipfs get QmaxBR8djuHiQ5DcDH92rsVAjaeLFNnT8awcLKiGE5SiEx
Saving file(s) to QmaxBR8djuHiQ5DcDH92rsVAjaeLFNnT8awcLKiGE5SiEx
 962.98 KiB / 962.98 KiB [==========================================================================================] 100.00% 0s
Error: archive/tar: write too long
$ ipfs cat QmaxBR8djuHiQ5DcDH92rsVAjaeLFNnT8awcLKiGE5SiEx > img.jpg
Error: found Directory node in unexpected place

I think the gateway is ignoring the error and should probably be adding a HTTP trailer (as it does on other cases for stream errors) but I don’t see one being added.

This is an interesting hack though!

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This is not the exact same gateway bug, but rather an issue that @ellttBen found and documented that is similar: