Fernie Internet Next - A decentralized web retreat in the Canadian mountains Feb 2020

Original photo CC-BY John Johnston

We’re planning a retreat in Fernie, BC, in early February 2020. We’re inviting anyone who wants to join us to explore directions on portable computation and decentralized web.

If you like content addressing, IPFS, dat, WASM, ssb, distributed systems, portable compute, etc. – come join us!

There will be white boarding, there will be coding, there will be indoor good food, and outdoor snow adventures.

When: opening dinner Feb 12th, main gathering Feb 13th & 14th
Where: Fernie, BC, Canada


FIN - Fernie Internet Next

A 2-day #Dweb retreat next to the mountains of Fernie, BC, Canada

@boris had a really great breakfast catch up with @blaine when he was passing through Vancouver. Blaine is going to be in Fernie for a good chunk of time in Q1 2020.

What if we got a bunch of people together? In the spirit of indie, open source, bar, hack, happy, and see if we can hack and talk our way to sharing some ideas and concepts.

Blaine said sure, Boris, go see if anyone wants to come, sounds fun. And here we are.

There is no cost to attend. Fission will sponsor meals, each person is responsible for travel & accommodation.

Remote Participation

We will announce shared channels, times for video presentations, and other opportunities to follow along remotely.

Get Involved

Leave a comment if this sounds interesting, and what you’d like to hack on / talk about!

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Hey! Please add any links, resources, github repos, or “yes, I’d like to come!” in comments.

Lots of the material here relates to what we, the Fission team, are interested in, that we think matches this direction. Here are a couple of links:

Post-Serverless Future - IPFS, WASM, zkproofs etc. (aka @expede’s overview of what she’s thinking)

Local first Software

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