FIL Austin Hacker House @ Consensus 2022

Along with the Filecoin Foundation, Fission is organizing a hacker house & community space in Austin.

This is alongside FIL Austin and Consensus 2022.

You’ve got access to the Capital Factory space for coworking on the 5th floor.

Use it for heads down coding, meeting other builders, or hold a quick lightning talk.

We have 50 day passes per day. Feel free to register for multiple days.

Accessing the Space

Capital Factory is at 701 Brazos Street – enter through the atrium shared with the Omni Hotel.

Saturday and Sunday Access

The office building access is closed on weekends. Come through the main Omni Hotel lobby on 8th street, walk to the central atrium, and come through the doors to see the Voltron robot head.

Week Day Access

Take the office elevators to the 5th floor.

The space is available 9am - 6pm, with the elevators unlocking at 8:30am.

Please do register to let us know you’re coming – but you can also just check in at the front desk and grab a wrist band.

Wrist Band Colours

To keep basic track of who is using the space – and to find other Filecoin/IPFS/Consensus attendees! – we’ll be handing out wrist bands at the front desk. Please show your registration to the front desk and you’ll get a wristband.

Feel free to come and go during the day and use the space as a home base.

  • Wednesday Green
  • Thursday Yellow
  • Friday Red
  • Saturday Orange
  • Sunday Blue

5th Floor @ Capital Factory

Welcome to the Interstellar Floor!

We’ve got wifi, coworking spaces, and lots of space to stretch out.

Yes, snacks, nitro cold brew coffee, and draft beer on tap that’s available for everyone to make use of!

There’s a games room with ping pong table for some relaxing.

The Padawan Room is where we’ll hold the lightning talks and can be used for learning sessions or meetings as needed.

Any questions? Drop into the Fission Discord chat and join the FIL Austin Hacker House thread.

Sticker & Swag Table

Have stickers or swag that you want to share? Drop them off at the space for everyone!

Friday Lightning Talks

Join us for lightning talks on Friday June 10th afternoon, 3:30pm - 5:30pm:

We’ve also got space available for ad hoc meetings and sessions, so feel free to come and meet at the space whenever you need.

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