Fission Branding

Details and resources about the Fission brand, with logos, colours, and so on.

Logo Variants

All variants below contain are SVGs containing the necessary exclusionary padding.

Primary symbol (aka “Command” symbol)

Gradient (preferred)

Variant=Primary Symbol, Colorway=Default


Variant=Primary Symbol, Colorway=Monochrome


Variant=Primary Symbol, Colorway=Inverted

Fission symbol + wordmark

Mixed (preferred)

Variant=Primary Logo, Colorway=Mixed



Variant=Primary Logo, Colorway=Monochrome


Variant=Primary Logo, Colorway=Inverted

Command Badge (aka Reversed Symbol)

In certain instances (eg. favicon) it may be more appropriate to use the Command Badge.

Opaque Center

Variant=Secondary Symbol (Opaque Center), Colorway=Default

Transparent Center

Variant=Secondary Symbol, Colorway=Default


  • Neutral 700 - Dark Blue #1F223D rgba(31, 34, 61, 1)
  • Neutral 100 - Light Gray #EEEEF5 rgba(238, 238, 245, 1)
  • Vivid - Pink 300 #FF5274 rgba(255, 82, 116, 1)
  • Vivid - Purple 500 #6446FA rgba(100, 70, 250, 1)

For usage guidelines on all of the assets below, please refer to this brand guide:
Brand Guideline PDF on gDrive →

Note: colours have undergone some adjustments since that PDF was created. Color values on this page should be considered more up to date.


Note: we end up using Work Sans rather than Space Mono for a bunch of things