Fission CLI Command Patterns


  • fission setup (only two, because we’re setting up)
  • fission daemon start


  • fission app init
  • fission app up
  • fission app launch (takes you to the live version of your site)


  • fission drive push
  • fission drive sync
  • fission drive ignore mysaucyfile.jpg


  • fission chat start --with=expede
  • fission chat end

Bringing this public to share and discuss, originally written up by @expede. We’re going to have Drive support built into the CLI.

Some of this is already implemented (e.g. setup) and some of it may never happen (e.g. chat). Feel free to make suggestions / for discussion in the forum, we’ll want to write it up as an issue in the fission repo for actual implementation.

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Thanks @forgondolin for bringing this up. More discussion in the Discord #fission-cli chat channel.

I wrote this up as a Github issue:

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