Fission Demo Day February 2021

Join us on the third Thursday of the month for “Demo Days”: the Fission team will talk about new releases & product updates, early demos of in-progress work, planned roadmap items and we’ll invite in other people from the community to do short app demos.

Fission Updates

Headless Ghost

@agentofuser will be presenting his work on Headless Ghost and Fission: using the Ghost blogging system to edit and create content, and then publish using a Next.js-powered blog on Fission.

IPFS Cluster

Fission is in the process of using IPFS Cluster along with Terraform to increase speed and reliability of apps published to Fission. @dholms will talk about the work completed so far.

Filecoin Backup App

@benjaminbollen and @bgins will present their progress on Connecting Webnative to Filecoin with some early previews of a Svelte-based backup app and how we’re connecting Filecoin keys in a browser with Webnative.

TiddlyWiki on Fission, with Jeremy Ruston

We’re working with Jeremy Ruston @Jermolene to integrate Fission’s Webnative SDK to TiddlyWiki. We’ll cover what we’re trying to accomplish and how TiddlyWiki’s concepts mesh with Fission

You can watch our previous video chat with Jeremy, and a blog post with the original Fission Saver for TiddlyWiki idea.

Video & Slides

Filecoin Backup App

IPFS Cluster