Fission Demo Day March 2021

Join us on the third Thursday of the month for “Demo Days”: the Fission team will talk about new releases & product updates, early demos of in-progress work, planned roadmap items and we’ll invite in other people from the community to do short app demos.

Join us Thursday, March 18, 2021 4:00 PM

Fission Updates

User Domains and Links

Every Fission user account has a custom domain name. We’re getting things setup and configured so that developers can generate links in their apps that use these user domains.

CLI Linking

We’ve got a preview of the CLI Linking functionality that we’ve been working on. You’ll be able to generate and link your account keys between browser and CLI. We know a lot of developers have been waiting for this (us too!) so they can use one account on the web and on the desktop. This also opens up other capabilities of having your full WNFS syncable to your own local desktop file system.

Recent Roadmap Items

  • Custom Auth Lobby Styling
  • Sharing User Files

Community Demos



Video & Slides

Unfortunately, we stopped recording accidentally, so missed out on the TiddlyWiki demo by @Jermolene! Here is the full video we did capture.


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