Fission Drop: Having fun with fast publishing using MacOS and AppleScript

Fission Drop is a simple AppleScript wrapper around our CLI that lets you create a “droplet” app for publishing and sharing images. It’s meant as a quick demo of the kinds of things you can create when you have a user-controlled publishing system like Fission.

On a Mac, download the Fission Drop AppleScript (or visit the Github repo).

To create the app:

  1. Unzip the file and open FissionDrop.applescript in Script Editor (on macOS).
  2. Select File > Export … and select “Application” as the “File format”. This will create
  3. Simply drop an image on the app icon and when the upload is complete, the full url will be on your clipboard.

yes, this screenshot was uploaded with Fission Drop!

Note: The first time you run the application, it will prompt for Finder permissions (if you’re on Catalina or newer) and then prompt you to select a folder (or create). Images will be moved to this folder and published online.

Feel free to use this script as inspiration for other automations: use Automator to automatically publish files added to a folder, build your own screenshot sharing tool, or for any Automator app where you’d like fast app publishing.

You’ll need a fission account for this to work, which MacOS users can easily install using the brew command. The installation guide will get you started.