Fission Edition for inclusion in TiddlyWiki on Fission

I’m building out a Fission Edition on Github

These are some notes on what I’m including. Ideally the wiki itself will be self documenting.

The goal is to have some curated plugins, and other content, both Core and otherwise, to act as a showcase of what a very basic Edition is. It should cater to people who are new to TiddlyWiki.

We will also document how to build and maintain an Edition.


Running notebook theme, customized Help panel, some of the custom content visible.



  • Twitter: to show integration with Twitter
  • Markdown: for people comfortable with Markdown
  • Help Panel: this is really interesting, adding a tab for Fission info; can we keep videos up to date from the community?

Non Core

  • FontAwesome + external links


  • Notebook


Goal is to explain TiddlyWiki to a new user. They may be familiar with Roam Research – or they may not be familiar with anything!

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Help Panel is pretty interesting. I can add an extra tab with some Fission Info, and I added Dave Gifford’s Customizer plugin.

Here’s a quick screencast – Vimeo makes a chrome extension for recording screencasts that seems to work OK.

Next question is, can we feed in videos dynamically there?

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I cheated and made another video when catching up with @Jermolene this morning. Great to capture this very unique feature!

Also experimenting with Vimeo Showcases:

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