Fission in St. Louis: TrainJam, Strange Loop, and LoFi Unconference – Fission

The second half of September was jam-packed with exciting events for local-first, programming language theory, and distributed systems aficionados. First, Causal Islands partnered with Gradient Retreat to host TrainJam, a rail adventure to St. Louis, to attend the last 😭 Strange Loop conference. Then, at Strange Loop, Brooklyn gave a talk on IPVM and Fission's edge computing stack, and we attended the PWLConf co-located with Strange Loop (and co-organized by Fission Staff Researcher Zeeshan). Finally, we capped it all off with the LoFi Unconference. Organized by ourselves, DXOS, and Ink & Switch, this sold-out event explored how we can bring local-first software into the hands of more users.

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