Fission IPFS Storage Adapter for Ghost Blog

This exists! Check the Github repo. This is bundled with the Ghost Blog on Heroku with IPFS.


Using ghost-storage-adapter-s3 as a model, create an IPFS adapter for the Ghost 2.x blog system that uses the FISSION IPFS API.


User Impact

Who would want to use this and why?

Fission uses Ghost for our blog, and maintains heroku-ipfs-ghost, a “Deploy to Heroku” distribution of Ghost. We will include the adapter in heroku-ipfs-ghost and make it work with our upcoming Heroku add on.


I made a new repo that includes the previous Ghost2 work.

Original blog post on this:


Create a Github repo that contains the storage adapter

In such a way that it can be included via NPM/yarn in package.json. Expects configuration through env variables compatible with how Heroku works. Should mirror how the S3 adapter works, except with different variables.

Initial template repo created here: GitHub - fission-suite/ghost-storage-adapter-ipfs: A storage adapter for the Ghost blogging platform that stores files in IPFS with Fission

Bundle with Fission Heroku add-on

For deployment on Heroku, the heroku-ipfs-ghost app.json should include adding the Fission IPFS add-on.

Choice of gateway

Choose which gateway to use. Defaults to, or add your own – e.g.

Future / Ideas / Research

Serve IPFS “natively”

In an IPFS enabled browser, can we detect this and serve up IPFS hashes instead of Web2 gateway URI + IPFS hash?

I was looking at the s3-adapter and found a :bug:

Official docs for creating custom storage adapters in Ghost look like a good place to start.

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