Fission Nomination for Public Goods

@boris Several teams want to nominate Fission for open source work related to data privacy and security. Here are some notes on the work we’ve done that addresses this:

Fission performs applied research and protocol engineering implementations in the edge computing space.

Fission provides tools and protocols that let developers build more secure applications that protect user privacy and data portability by default. The protocol specifications we make are run as open working groups, with participants from the wider ecosystem, that anyone can implement and use for interoperable implementations. There are also high quality libraries in multiple programming languages.

The first thing we have designed is the UCAN decentralized auth protocol. This allows for capability-based delegation using cryptographically signed bearer tokens. It removes the need for passwords or developer tokens in a way that works for both logins and service access. Find out more in the UCAN working group UCAN Working Group · GitHub

UCAN was built to support WNFS, the WebNative FileSystem. This is an encrypted at rest secure file system implemented on top of IPFS. The private side of the file system uses a cryptree concept, where even metadata is scrambled, so that there is no leakage of individual file access or edits. Building on top of IPFS means that private, encrypted data can be stored, and that even service providers can’t see the data that is being stored. For app developers, permissions are set so that the user gives permission to portions of the file system, client side. But developers and storage providers can’t see or access the data as it is encrypted at rest. This is similar to how Apple iCloud works, but open source and decentralized. Find out more in the WNFS working group WNFS Working Group · GitHub

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