Fission Reactor: August 2022 Research Update


Chat Log

00:32:28	Boris Mann:
00:33:02	Sodium :
00:33:29	Brooklyn Zelenka (@expede):
00:34:27	Brooklyn Zelenka (@expede):	* where 260k events is the keystrokes from writing a paper
00:34:36	Philipp Krüger:
00:54:57	bengo:	its v cool Quinn
00:55:01	Jack Park:	DDLOG paper
00:55:06	Marc-Antoine Parent:	very impressive
00:55:57	Marten (Wiebe-Marten) Wijnja:	Super impressive, Quinn! :D
00:56:00	Jack Park:
01:01:44	Brooklyn Zelenka (@expede):	TODOs: Fact structure, local store layout, IPLD serialization, WNFS embedding, exact encryption mechanism, remote selection (esp hard on encrypted data), high-level JS query language
01:05:13	bengo:	:)
01:08:26	bengo:	DD for SQL
01:14:10	Sodium :	that is exactly the sort of usecase i was thinking of, and also it totally makes sense to not be prioritizing it, yeah
01:16:05	Matt Johnston:	That’s so cool!
01:25:37	Marc-Antoine Parent:	but intersubjectively, I want to get slices of many people's activity ;-)
01:30:45	Marten / Qqwy:	No burning questions, but I am super excited by this progress!

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Resources & Notes

Early spec description with high level wording is starting to go into the Fission specs repo: Dialog Specs by expede · Pull Request #11 · fission-codes/spec · GitHub