Fission Reactor December Community Call

01:03:38	Marc-Antoine Parent:	Personal opinion: It’s good to keep a call where the connections between subprojects are discussed...
01:05:13	Marc-Antoine Parent:	Aware of ?
01:05:16	Blaine Cook:	A wild Boris is spotted!
01:05:48	Brooklyn Zelenka (@expede):	Well I’m not at least! Thanks for the link MA!
01:06:14	Marc-Antoine Parent:	(I thought I had heard that name before… it’s very popular)
01:06:48	Brooklyn Zelenka (@expede):	We know of at least one more, but talked with that person who is fine with us using the name. I guess there’s a bunch though!
01:07:54	Blaine Cook:	Hahaha like the other one we’re aware of, regent-network’s looks … not totally dissimilar to ours.
01:08:07	Blaine Cook:	Kind of fitting for rhizomatic databases 😅
01:14:59	Boris Mann:	Here’s the reference
01:15:05	Marc-Antoine Parent:
01:17:02	Quinn Wilton:	Koolaid Mann
01:17:38	Blaine Cook:
01:17:41	Sodium :	i definitely agree with quinn fwiw. in principle: sounds neat. logistically?? sounds v tricky, especially given like, privacy and pseudonymity and decision making concerns
01:18:01	Marc-Antoine Parent:	Ah! Look at
01:19:17	Boris Mann:	And invent the universe
01:19:21	Sodium :	also slightly less Koolaid Manned: if a bunch of (actual, consistent) contributors *do* show up, it'd probably make sense to set up a whole process for community-led decision making process a la rust
01:19:35	Quinn Wilton:
01:19:51	Brooklyn Zelenka (@expede):	They totally missed calling it NooNS? (“Newness”)
01:20:02	Boris Mann:	@Na yes, I am exploring speed running that
01:20:31	Boris Mann:	e.g. right now only people who are “privileged” to have free time can afford to spend extra time writing code
01:20:54	Marc-Antoine Parent:	Gordon Brander
01:20:58	Boris Mann:	And also, from a corporate perspective, rather than just the fruits of Fission’s investment, can we get a couple of other orgs to commit engineering time up front
01:21:41	Quinn Wilton:	In the FCU (Fission Cryptographic Universe)
01:22:31	Brooklyn Zelenka (@expede):	@Quinn — you know, I don’t hate it!
01:22:46	Marc-Antoine Parent:	I dug a bit into noosphere. It is quite fascinating that he had to reimplement a naming system on libp2p partly because of, if I understand well, ipns performance issues 🙁
01:23:34	Quinn Wilton:	What if UCAN can do did:*?
01:23:44	Sodium :	something something rel=me
01:24:12	Quinn Wilton:	I still love the name WHOCAN
01:24:16	Brooklyn Zelenka (@expede):	SAME
01:24:22	Sodium :	:100:
01:24:41	Brooklyn Zelenka (@expede):	WhoCAN: Names / ownership
01:24:46	Brooklyn Zelenka (@expede):	UCAN: auth
01:24:51	Marc-Antoine Parent:	WhoCan, UCan… what will you name WeCan?
01:24:52	Brooklyn Zelenka (@expede):	DoCAN: invocation
01:25:13	James Walker (@walkah):	WeCAN: the community collaboration around all of this
01:25:26	James Walker (@walkah):	@Brooklyn UCANDo?
01:25:40	Brooklyn Zelenka (@expede):	CanDo 🫡
01:25:49	James Walker (@walkah):	But *willdo* is the hard part
01:26:00	Quinn Wilton:	The DIDCAN is a revocation list
01:26:06	Marc-Antoine Parent:	One difficulty with IPNS is name ownership. How would it work with your system?
01:26:09	Brooklyn Zelenka (@expede):	Just because you CAN do, doesn’t mean you SHOULD do
01:27:50	Brooklyn Zelenka (@expede):	@Quinn: why not CAN NOT?
01:28:29	Quinn Wilton:	We should just consolidate them all under 2119CAN
01:28:51	Brooklyn Zelenka (@expede):	CAN-2119
01:28:53	Quinn Wilton:	Sorry, we SHOULD just consolidate them all under 2119CAN
01:29:11	Brooklyn Zelenka (@expede):	Haha
01:31:23	Quinn Wilton:	This is what Brooke is talking about:
01:31:51	Quinn Wilton:	And more discussion here:
01:36:21	Sodium :	card?
01:36:38	Boris Mann:	OpenGraph / OEmbed
01:36:54	Boris Mann:	I don’t know if they use Twitter flavoured graph or Facebook flavoured graph
01:37:24	Joshua Fontany:	Facebook locked their OEmbed data behind api keys.
01:37:47	Boris Mann:	Yeah, OEmbed is the JS embedding stuff as opposed to web page previews of OpenGraph
01:38:08	Joshua Fontany:	I was trying to get a Tiddlywiki-server OEmbed plugun working around that point.
01:38:39	Marc-Antoine Parent:	I maintain you need a connection call
01:43:20	Zeeshan Lakhani:	Yep. Def desktop/server first.
01:43:54	Sodium :	hey! for once firefox isn't the broken one :tada:
01:44:10	Quinn Wilton:	Are you a glass +NaN full or a glass -NaN empty kind of person
01:44:29	Blaine Cook:
01:44:43	Blaine Cook:	Aka Saint Nan
01:45:04	Blaine Cook:	The canonical grandmother
01:50:16	Matt Johnston:	exciting!
01:50:25	Marc-Antoine Parent:	Certainly interested to look at the db
01:51:09	Brooklyn Zelenka (@expede):	Datalog or horror movie. Your choice!
01:51:14	Marc-Antoine Parent:	ophiocordyceps?
01:51:27	Brooklyn Zelenka (@expede):	Datacordyceps!
01:51:44	Blaine Cook:
01:53:05	Blaine Cook:	Badger badger but just everything is a rhizome
01:53:16	James Walker (@walkah):	snnnnnnnaaaaaakes
01:53:27	Blaine Cook:	Only rhizomes
01:53:48	Brooklyn Zelenka (@expede):
01:53:59	Brooklyn Zelenka (@expede):	For those who don’t get the reference
01:54:47	Blaine Cook:	omg my eyes
01:54:50	Marc-Antoine Parent:	On lovecraftian lore, the ancient ones (of mountains of madness fame) were supposed to be part fungi
01:55:30	Marc-Antoine Parent:	where?
01:55:43	Joshua Fontany:	Ginger roots have a nice rhizome shape...
01:55:51	Marc-Antoine Parent:
01:56:52	Joshua Fontany:	but yeah, rhizomes are very outside our usually day-to-day entities