Fission Reactor: May 2022 Research Update

Join us for our monthly Fission Reactor applied research community call! We’ll be hosting community calls on the last Thursday of the month.

We’ll be giving a brief update on Dialog.

Note: time update to a few hours later 2022-05-26T18:00:00Z - sign up as always at

Last month:


Chat Log

11:08:06	 From Boris Mann :
11:11:49	 From Na  : "Maintenance of Datalog Materialisations Revisited" ? i couldn't find an "Incremental View Maintenance revisited"
11:11:57	 From Quinn Wilton : That's the one, thanks!
11:15:08	 From Marc-Antoine Parent : curious: what do concepts correspond to?
11:15:23	 From joel : i ask myself that every day
11:19:48	 From Na  : maybe pulling on social media "follow"/"subscribe" language/metaphors?
11:21:37	 From Joshua Fontany : I would flip that around. Identities share Facts with "Circles" (authorized groups) , i.e. Public, Friends, Family, Individuals, etc.
11:22:47	 From Marc-Antoine Parent : Joshua: do you mean identiy-centric vs fact-centric?
11:22:49	 From Joshua Fontany : I picked up that model from a Friend's beta Soc Network, but he's trying to force that model on top of the existing centralized sql server stack model.
11:23:36	 From Joshua Fontany : for example, "blog posts" as facts, "photo albums" as facts.
11:27:59	 From Marc-Antoine Parent : I'm being reminded of many aspects of holochain
11:30:15	 From Marc-Antoine Parent : Peter: ?
11:31:03	 From Peter van Hardenberg : that’s the right speaker & topic but not the actual talk which isn't up yet
11:31:22	 From Peter van Hardenberg : is where it will be
11:31:37	 From Marc-Antoine Parent : Thank you!
11:31:37	 From Na  : Merge what you can, fork what you can't:
11:33:55	 From Quinn Wilton :
11:56:13	 From Boris Mann : I have to leave for a next call, we'll have resources / video up on the forum
12:02:43	 From Peter van Hardenberg : gotta run, thanks for sharing. looking forward to some more concrete details soon.
12:02:50	 From Brooklyn Zelenka (@expede) : Thanks PvH!
12:03:14	 From Quinn Wilton : Nice to meet you PvH, and thanks for joining!
12:03:41	 From joel : it's a neat way to split the query load between server and client, there's probably cool ways to generalize that more


“Maintenance of Datalog Materialisations Revisited”