Fission Reactor: Nov 2022 Research Update


…with special guest Irakli!

Chat Log

00:03:58	Sodium :	:eyes:
00:04:10	Sodium :	p2p name stuff sounds v rad
00:12:30	Sodium :
00:15:02	Sodium : is (i think) an entry point for docs on multiformat stuff for the curious
00:15:21	Zeeshan Lakhani:	And yep, and this extends to Brooke’s work on autocodec to some degree
00:20:35	Blaine Cook:	This has the nice side-effect that e.g. all email under this system (probably) becomes signed and/or encrypted just by virtue of the capabilities involved.
00:20:39	Marc-Antoine Parent:	Python dask is (one of many) prior art
00:21:09	James Walker (@walkah): ?
00:21:23	Quinn Wilton:	'the toot that was heard around the world'
00:21:47	Sodium :	🎺
00:22:54	Marc-Antoine Parent:	True. So the cycle would be hidden inside a big job, right?
00:26:11	Sodium :	"whocan" is such a cute name for that
00:26:35	Quinn Wilton:	Turning video off to save battery (I'm in public atm), but I'm still here :)
00:27:56	Zeeshan Lakhani:	To a lot of the last IPVM bits, this is why we’ve separating thinking about the job spec and effects vs pure and capabilities from the scheduling pieces, as the latter brings up a lot of possibilities too.
00:30:26	Brooklyn Zelenka (@expede):
00:30:44	Daniel Norman:	Unexpectedly had to step away for a bit earlier, but I’m back 🙂 Super interested in coming up to speed with what y’all are working on 🌻
00:31:44	Becky Vazquez:	Super exciting!
00:31:57	Irakli Gozalishvili:	Slides that were mentioned file:///Users/gozala/Downloads/UCANemail.pdf
00:32:05	Irakli Gozalishvili:	oops not the right link
00:32:06	Quinn Wilton:	FYI, I've independently had multiple people ask me this week, while at conferences, whether Fission + IPFS are at the point of being able to support a Keybase-like app, so there's definitely demand for it
00:33:06	Quinn Wilton:	toot* your did
00:33:34	Irakli Gozalishvili:
00:33:36	Brooklyn Zelenka (@expede):	“toot* your did” — a sentence that would be gibberish to me 10 years ago
00:34:27	Blaine Cook:	😂
00:34:38	Nick (@nichoth):	👏
00:34:46	Quinn Wilton:	I really think we should be rebranding to use that style, sorry Ryan
00:34:57	Brooklyn Zelenka (@expede):	Joking / not joking
00:35:01	Quinn Wilton:	Not joking.
00:35:20	Ryan Betts:	Way ahead of you
00:35:22	Brooklyn Zelenka (@expede):	From the author of
00:35:43	Brooklyn Zelenka (@expede):	(The greatest website on the internet as far as I’m concerned)
00:35:54	Quinn Wilton:	😂You keep sharing my website, and it still lists the job I had last year. I really need to update that
00:37:04	Marc-Antoine Parent:	Had a thought… using an email address controlled by your employer?
00:40:48	Quinn Wilton:	"Forced to collaborate", Max Stirner has very strong opinions on that
00:42:42	Brooklyn Zelenka (@expede):	Never mind NNS, it’s now NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN
00:42:51	Marc-Antoine Parent:	N*
00:42:52	Blaine Cook:	UNNS - Universal Name Name System
00:42:57	Brooklyn Zelenka (@expede):	Ooooooh
00:43:00	Quinn Wilton:	Nnnna Nnna Nnnna, NAT-man!
00:43:01	Brooklyn Zelenka (@expede):	Aaaaaaah
00:43:43	Joshua Fontany:	Browser profiles to siloh work/personal email-DiD association.
00:43:46	Brooklyn Zelenka (@expede):	Quinn: Is that P2P’s arch nemesis, NAT Man?
00:43:55	Quinn Wilton:	Oh god you're right
00:44:08	Joshua Fontany:	😂
00:44:21	Quinn Wilton:	Good thing we have B.A.T.M.A.N. to save the day:
00:44:33	Brooklyn Zelenka (@expede):	SO GOOD
00:44:34	Daniel Norman:	.oO( GPG basically failed due to poor-usability. Ergonomics are everything )
00:45:00	Blaine Cook:	@Daniel yup
00:45:12	Brooklyn Zelenka (@expede):	💯
00:45:26	Blaine Cook:	Turns out, 100 Debian developers lining up in a gpg key signing ritual doesn’t scale
00:46:31	Brooklyn Zelenka (@expede):	🔥
00:48:31	Quinn Wilton:
00:49:05	Joshua Fontany:	👍
00:49:50	Brooklyn Zelenka (@expede):
00:49:55	Quinn Wilton:
00:50:31	Zeeshan Lakhani:	Actually, may have to share one-to-many/many-to-many car pool things next time, as gotta go to mobile and pick up my daughter from Daycare, so a different kind of CAR pool. I’ll be share my notes more openly soon w/ the group doing move the bytes as well (so public). There’ll be some thoughts on content discovery vs transfer and fun things like tel-trees and marked cuckoo filters!
00:50:41	Brooklyn Zelenka (@expede):	No prob Zeeshan!
00:54:17	Daniel Norman:	Is there anywhere I can find a point-by-point breakdown of these facets of the Dialog project?
00:54:40	Daniel Norman:	(Feverishly typing over here. Lol)
00:54:47	Brooklyn Zelenka (@expede):
00:55:04	Brooklyn Zelenka (@expede):
00:55:04	Daniel Norman:	🌻
00:56:26	Daniel Norman:	+1
00:57:26	Becky Vazquez:	Pomeranian mascot!
00:57:44	Ryan Betts:	You have my vote
00:57:53	Brian:	Feels like an attempt to revive FLOOFS
00:57:56	Daniel Norman:	Naming things is universally hard
00:57:56	Savannah Jackson:	pomo sounds like a panda
00:57:58	James Walker (@walkah):	FLOOFS FOREVER
00:58:03	Jeff Griffiths:	FLOOOOOFS
00:58:23	Brooklyn Zelenka (@expede):	FLOOFS FOREVER
00:59:46	Marc-Antoine Parent:	Not until I read the spec...
01:00:10	Brian:
01:00:20	Ryan Betts:	Y not: GIFS - Globally Indexed File System
01:00:27	Daniel Norman:	I’m not sure if it’s within the scope of this call, but it would be interesting to understand particulars of project goals as (possibly) pertains to intersubjective ontological formation.
01:00:37	Quinn Wilton:	Keep in mind that the currently pushed Pomo / Dialog specs are out of date until I push up my current branch :)

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