Fission Reactor: September 2022 Research Update


Chat Log

00:05:03	Brooklyn Zelenka (@expede):	Not one, but TWO PvHs!
00:05:10	Peter van Hardenberg:	coming at you in stereo
00:07:11	Peter van Hardenberg:	interactive text editing makes this problem even worse
00:07:16	Peter van Hardenberg:	300b per character
00:07:23	Sodium :	ouch
00:14:41	Sodium : ?
00:16:23	Peter van Hardenberg:	nice to see you in the call, zeeshan
00:16:32	Zeeshan Lakhani:	Nice to see you again PVH  πŸ™‚
00:18:19	Sodium :	for later, the demo from last month was recorded, and posted here:
00:19:30	Sodium :
00:19:49	Sodium : (i think)
00:19:58	Marc-Antoine Parent:	Yes
00:20:05	Brooklyn Zelenka (@expede):	Wow, you're really on these links today Sodium πŸ™Œ
00:20:23	Marc-Antoine Parent:	Also
00:20:31	Sodium :	i just like it when sources are cited :P
00:20:38	Brooklyn Zelenka (@expede):	We dread DRed
00:24:05	Peter van Hardenberg:	we've got a new dataset coming -- martin's been using a plugin we wrote in vscode for a new paper
00:24:15	Brooklyn Zelenka (@expede):	Nice
00:24:30	Peter van Hardenberg:	well done, quinn!
00:24:38	Brooklyn Zelenka (@expede):	πŸ₯³
00:24:58	Sodium :	:tada:
00:27:35	Quinn Wilton:	Thanks Peter!
00:28:30	Randall:

Is this the doi for the DBSP paper?
00:28:39	Quinn Wilton:	That's the one!
00:28:43	Quinn Wilton:	Their implementation is here:
00:29:11	Quinn Wilton:	I've been super impressed with the system. It's essentially a simpler formalization of Differential Dataflow catered to relational algebra
00:29:20	Peter van Hardenberg:	sorry -- some latency, apologies for the interruption
00:30:00	Peter van Hardenberg:	this is where we wound up with the sync protocol with the bloom filters
00:30:12	Peter van Hardenberg:	1% chance of an extra roundtrip
00:30:45	Peter van Hardenberg:	i wonder if you could adopt our opset/sync protocol
00:31:20	Brooklyn Zelenka (@expede):	PvH β€” yeah that’s the one
00:31:33	Brooklyn Zelenka (@expede):	Oh interesting, do you have a link to your sync protocol?
00:34:52	Peter van Hardenberg:	alex has a spec
00:34:59	Peter van Hardenberg:	he's been looking for an excuse to finish it
00:35:15	Sodium :	probably particularly relevant is that wasm adds a bunch of restrictions/requirements around memory management, which is probably important for performant stuff
00:35:49	Peter van Hardenberg:
00:35:57	Brooklyn Zelenka (@expede):	Thanks! πŸ‘€
00:36:00	Peter van Hardenberg:	this is an informal description
00:36:56	Sodium :	ah! yeah, also threading is a thing that can throw a wrench in wasm stuff
00:37:31	Zeeshan Lakhani:	This is the paper on shared arragnements:
00:37:39	Zeeshan Lakhani:	Most def. Na.
00:37:52	Brooklyn Zelenka (@expede):	PvH: Ah, right, this is with a Bloom filter acting as a vector clock! Ours is a bit more general for syncing arbitrary graphs on blockstores, partly because the remote store likely can’t read the links and the facts are shuffled
00:42:37	Brooklyn Zelenka (@expede):
00:43:51	Quinn Wilton:	I know that feeling πŸ™‚
00:49:12	Quinn Wilton:
00:51:04	Sodium :	just have to make datalog and/or logic programming popular first
00:51:05	Sodium :	easy
00:51:08	Sodium :	:P
00:52:12	Zeeshan Lakhani:	Na, lolz.
00:52:17	Zeeshan Lakhani:	The β€œlong” game.
00:53:44	Brooklyn Zelenka (@expede):	haha
00:53:46	Sodium :	what can i say? i like thinking about the social angle, even if that ends up being occasionally impractical
00:54:12	Quinn Wilton:	There's a quote I like in a Datalog paper about how Datalog is to query languages what lambda calculus is to functional programming
00:54:42	Sodium :	ooh, that's a nice way to think about it, and definitely fits
00:55:10	Quinn Wilton:	It has such simple semantics with so many extensions that you can think of so many different query languages as being constructed from different combinations of datalog extensions, with a higher-level syntax
00:56:59	Randall:
The reference section is good for those wanting a survey of the GQL branch of the family …Tree 😁
00:57:14	Peter van Hardenberg:	two weeks to two years, then
00:57:27	James Walker (@walkah):	it'll be released by Christmas …
00:58:13	Peter van Hardenberg:	TBD
01:00:50	Peter van Hardenberg:	thanks for a great session quinn -- must head for airport shortly
01:00:53	Randall:	Thanks πŸ‘
01:00:57	Sodium :	o/
01:00:58	Quinn Wilton:	Thanks for joining! Have a nice flight
01:01:40	Zeeshan Lakhani:	Lots of interesting implications details to always get right too. I’m thankful we have wasm people πŸ™‚.
01:02:41	Jack Park:	Great conversation. Thanks!

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Resources & Notes

Early spec description with high level wording is starting to go into the Fission specs repo: Dialog Specs by expede Β· Pull Request #11 Β· fission-codes/spec Β· GitHub