Five VCs discuss how no-code is going horizontal across the world’s industries, TechCrunch

On the demand side, the need for digital transformation is at an all-time high and cannot be met with incumbent tech platforms, especially given the shortage of technical workers. Low-code/no-code tools have stepped in to fill this void by enabling knowledge workers — who are 10x more populous than technical workers — to configure software without having to code. This has the potential to save significant time and money and to enable end-to-end digital experiences inside of enterprises faster.

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Our general view on this is that there is a pyramid of software producers and consumers with a variety of personas.

Professional coders are at the very tip of the pyramid. Anything that can be done to make this more accessible broadens the number of people who can participate.

But: someone has to build the low code platform and/or reach the limits. An open platform and SDK like Fission’s web native means everyone can participate in building components as code — which in turn can be re-used by people who code less.