Focus on your ability to recover from stress rather than avoiding stress - ryan @context_ing

A tweet thread on how to think about work, stress, and downtime aka recovery, in the context of being “creatively productive”.

Look for ABSENCE of recovery not PRESENCE of stress.

Q: How do we maximise potential over both the long & short term?

Working too little doesn’t produce results - wasting present potential for creation.
Working too hard burns you out - sacrificing future potential for creation.

ryan @context_ing

Stress happens, so ensuring recovery really means knowing what you as an individual need to do to recover.

How do you monitor that you’re recovering well, and feel inspired and creative to take more things on again?

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Now the question is how do you encourage self care? How do you signal it’s ok to take a walk, to take break to meditate or exercise?

I always though Bonusl.y integrated with Apple Health kit would be great. Its been on my list of things to build for like two years!

Seems like theres a few adjacent tools out there:

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Part of it has been talking about it a lot!

So, normalizing break taking AND understanding that sometimes you are creatively inspired and “sprint” for a period of time, or work / break at “odd” hours.

I think the lesson is making sure you understand what each individual needs to be in recovery mode.