Github repo for TiddlyWiki on Fission now open

The code repository where we are working on the TiddlyWiki on Fission app is now available:

The app is live at and can be used for public and private TiddlyWikis – this is what you you’ll see:

Right now, we’re just creating an empty “plain” TiddlyWiki. We’re going to talk to the community to ask for what plugins, Editions, and other features they’d like to see. Feel free to post here in the forum.

Developers are welcome to join us on GitHub. There is some early discussion here about static publishing of TiddlyWiki – so, for example, you could have a private TiddlyWiki stored encrypted on Fission, and then publish all tiddlers tagged with “blog” to another public Fission site.

Hi everyone,

Coming to the Fission part of this cold, I have a couple of basic questions. Before I ask more questions…

Am I correct in thinking that:

  • the TiddlyWiki Fission app is a way to generate new TiddlyWikis that I then have access to through its file picker

  • the tiddlywiki-on-fission repo lets me build the same app that’s hosted on Fission, and use it to access the wikis either on Fission’s servers or on my local machine (stored where?)

  • a future use-case might be that I upload a wiki with the tiddlywiki-on-fission plugin as an app, and that would be a way for others to generate new wikis based on that one? Or perhaps as a way to host a TiddlyWiki with content?

Best wishes,

These are all great questions thank you!

Some of them I’ll turn into feature requests in the GitHub code repo so we can prioritize development.

Feel free to ask more questions and suggest features here in the forum!

Think of it like a web based version of TiddlyDesktop.

Yes. What will become the Fission saver/plugin is in there and may move to the core repo at some point. As a developer, re-using the repo to build your own selection of pickers and so on is possible.

Like TW, doesn’t have to run on Fission’s servers. I’ll make a note about how to get things running yourself.

Haven’t thought about working with local files, but adding your own Edition / template to launch new TWs from us a good idea. (Which is your next point).

Uploading/opening your own TiddlyWikis will be supported.

In the future, the Fission saver should be able to be added to existing TWs so data can be saved and synced wherever you are.

Yes, both. Right now a full Fission app can have its own subdomain eg or a custom address of your own.

Instead of TWs in your public folder (which can already be shared), cloning them into your own app should be a future feature.

Thanks, Boris. I think I’m getting the lay of the land. Are local copies of new wikis stored in the browser’s local storage?

I realise this is the weekend and I’m not in a terrible rush for answers, but I had time to reply to this now.

The README in the tiddlywiki-on-fission repo is pretty straightforward on running the app locally – although I did get an error trying to authenticate from the single-file build. I haven’t posted an issue yet, since I didn’t double-check the steps.

For context, I am comfortable running TiddlyWiki on node, and building plugins.
It was really the big picture I had to process – partly because TW is so fractal – what is the app for? I think the analogy with TiddlyDesktop is a quick way to orient potential testers/future users.


Fission’s webnative SDK manages this for you. Local Storage is used as a cache and when offline, supporting both the private encrypted and public portions of the Web Native File System. Fission takes care of syncing / backing up this data for you.

Think of it a bit like an open source iCloud: user accounts carry their encrypted data with them.

There is documentation in the guide and please just ask any questions you have either conceptually or code level.

I appreciate you mentioning this! It’s fun for me so I don’t mind replying, and of course forum posts let us reply asynchronously in any case!

@Jermolene is going to work on making things as compatible with TW norms as possible. So TW on Fission may be more about bundling and showcasing Editions and Plugins out of the box, and showing Edition developers and others how to make their own apps. This is a process of discovery for us as well. I’d love it if anyone could build their own TW #micro-saas on top of Fission.

I’m going to gently pull into thinking about what is possible when users have a persistent, web connected file system that can be treated as “local”.

So I’m interested in things that go beyond single file — individual tiddlers (link in someone else’s tiddler?, images and PDFs linked into the file system.

We should have as much or more capabilities as a node version, so welcome any ideas you have.

“I’ve always wanted TW to do X” is an excellent starting prompt.