GitHub Support Community

I just logged in to the GitHub Support Community, which is a themed and customized Discourse instance.

Also wanted to capture some screenshots of the auth flow. When you are prompted to login, you are redirected to Github. So this is the Github OAuth interface:

The “Act on your behalf” would be the part that I’m not clear what it’s trying to tell me / I could use more info.

Then you come back to the Discourse site, and get this customized SSO account creation:

Yes, we definitely need to theme the Discourse forum here AND get SSO with Fission accounts!

I then get an email notification from Github:

A GitHub owned Application (GitHub Support Community) with the following permissions:

  • View your email addresses

Was recently authorized to access your account.

So really, this is just about having access to a current / verified email address.

@samuelandert relevant to our discussion about getting access to email addresses. This is an OAuth-based flow.