Hyperdraft + Fission integration

Hyperdraft now integrates with webnative :slight_smile: It makes use of the public folder and permalinks.

Sign in with your Fission account with something like (user@fission.name).

Here’s a short video demo:

Source code:

That’s the last public app that I have. The next ones will integrate from the start.

Nice! I think the public folder pattern is a cool way to get things public quickly.

Hey @rosano
Was just trying this out and got:

Do you think this is the “long url” issue?
(which I think you talked about earlier this week, but not sure)

I used to receive an issue on this callback URL, not sure if it was exactly this error. I always thought it was a private browsing issue, but I recently heard someone say on the forum or discord that the server needs to handle the URL? Is this a private tab?

Yeah it’s weird, I’ve never seen this before.

Ok yeah, it’s most likely because of the long URL, it’s 10999 characters long :sweat_smile:
We need to fix this in the SDK :eyes:

No private tab, regular Chrome.

Is it the same issue in other browsers? Other apps? Might not be an SDK problem.