Infoworld - Welcome to the client-serverless revolution

The growth of rich mobile and edge applications is requiring developers to build applications in new ways. Client-serverless is the way of the future.

During the past several years, smartphones, browsers, and embedded devices have advanced so much that they function as globally distributed, mobile rich clients. They can deliver remote user experiences comparable to what users would experience if they were using a local or high-speed dedicated connection.

The widespread adoption of rich-client devices and the global availability of distributed cloud services has fueled the client-serverless computing trend even more, but it also demands more from developers. No longer can developers assume that their program code will primarily access databases, app servers, and web servers that are located within a single data center or cloud region.

As the client-serverless revolution accelerates, serverless computing environments will move well beyond their existing focus on compute functions and more into a client-focused emphasis on rich mobile and edge applications. The rise of client-serverless environments will almost certainly spawn the next Uber or Twitter, as small but focused development teams tap into the transformative potential of this new application paradigm.

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Some of the language here is a bit muddled. Client-serverless? Serverless? Edge?

Definitely app-centric web.