Ingredient & Recipe Manager

Very rough sketch but gives you the idea.

Features I have in mind:

  • Manage a database for ingredients
  • Keep a list of local shops where you can buy those ingredients
  • Keep a list of recipes that also point to those ingredients
  • Make menus for the week/month
  • Calculate various statistics based on those menus and other things (eg. are you getting enough variety)

Anything else people like’d to see in such an app?

To get “In Season” or “Local” you’re going to have to be somewhat place specific.

“In my area, Apples are Local”

“In my area, Apples are In Season in August, September, and October”

So, set an area / region and fill out stuff like this. People might fill out multiple regions, but guide them for filling out one where they actually are.

I see a little tag, which I think gives people a ton of flexibility to segment things in different ways. Setting up “breakfast”, “lunch”, “dinner” as default tags (and other items) could add flexibility.

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Great idea! Definitely want to have tags for flexibility.

Sounds good :+1: My idea for the ingredients data is:

    "seasonality": [{
        "season": "Summer",
        "area": "Belgium"
    }, {
        "season": "Fall",
        "area": "Belgium"

Should it also have a locality attribute? :thinking:
Not entirely sure if “in season” implies “available locally”.
What do you think?

We get Philipino Mangos when they are “in season” here in Vancouver.

Hmmm. Looking at what you’ve outlined I think covers this. The individual looking at it can define what “Local” means to them. eg Germany or France or Netherlands is right next door to Belgium.

Most of this is bottom up data entry by the individual, so they can choose what is local to them.

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