Input CoWork Nanaimo Tech Meetup Notes

On July 17th, we went over to Nanaimo for the day:

@patdryburgh joined @expede and I, and did a fantastic write up and photos of the whole day:

Thanks, Pat!

For the lunch time Input Cowork members-only session on product thinking, I shared a couple of follow up links:

Pirate Metrics, as a way to think about how customers engage with your product and truly use it:

Stewart Butterfield’s memo on “We Don’t Sell Saddles Here”, in thinking about what you actually sell with your product:

Tech Meetup

In the evening, I gave a slide-less talk about Open Source, and about how we need to start promoting and sharing the base principles about it again. And that maybe, we need something like the GPL, but for data, that means data remains open for users of an app.

The actual process of creating code together rather than the legal license is something that I’m exploring a lot. See Commons Based Peer Production for further reading:

@expede gave an updated IPFS 101 talk, which included a bit of a talk about the opinionated serverless framework, Asimov, that we’re starting to plan. You can check out the IPFS 101 presentation on Notist.

Finally Carson Farmer @carsonfarmer from Textile gave us an overview of what they’re building with Textile – sort of like an open source, distributed iCloud:

And yes, Textile hiring, looking for a GoLang developer.

Thanks to Adi & the Input CoWork / Logic crew for hosting us!

We’ll do a similar event in Victoria in mid-September – sign up to get notified when we confirm it.

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