Installing the Fission CLI on a Chromebook

Note: the Fission CLI is in alpha. We’re keeping track of our progress, and @boris is the one crazy enough to attempt to get this all running on a Chromebook. The beta version will have an installer. See also the Running IPFS on a Chromebook Wiki.

Download the CLI

Download the deb-cli from the releases page.

Move and Set Permissions

mv deb-cli /usr/local/bin/fission

chmod a+x /usr/local/bin/fission


Yay! Run the CLI:


…and get a help message.

CLI to interact with Fission services

Usage: fission [--version] [--help] COMMAND
  Fission makes developing, deploying, updating and iterating on web
  applications quick and easy.

Available options:
  --version                Show version
  --help                   Show this help text

Available commands:
  login                    Add your Fission credentials
  up                       Keep your current working directory up

Run login

fission login

WIP: both library installs NOT needed when doing statically built binary. Login doesn’t seem to be contacting the server. Statically built binary doesn’t run at all on Mac.

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