Interoperable collaborative apps (with Jess Martin)

lots about data ownership and interoperability in my recent conversation with Jess Martin:

Even when you #OwnYourData 100%, many might find little agency in being able to ‘edit properties on JSON objects’. What level of handedness would be meaningful to them?

00:00 opening questions
01:13 zero data
02:05 DXOS
03:20 zero data origin
07:23 apps as public spaces
10:19 diffuse supporting multiple backends
11:04 rosano’s apps
12:03 adoption challenges
15:01 interfaces for multi-device recovery
18:15 using a remoteStorage app to teach languages
22:05 prove functionality to groups
23:42 invisible technology
25:37 cross-app interoperability visions
27:02 syncing a shared data substrate
29:46 group chat as a catalyst for interop
31:16 integrating with existing storage
35:45 credible exit and exit by default
38:18 owning your data without handedness
42:44 interoperability needs adoption
45:51 valuable technology comes from other purposes
47:16 open-source can live on
49:58 re-thinking funding apps
51:10 making space for contributors
52:48 old house versus old app
53:49 personal spaces and malleable software
55:30 being handy with houses and software
57:11 shrinking programs

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