InterPlanetary FISSION Heroku IPFS Add-on alpha test

We now have our alpha access to the InterPlanetery FISSION IPFS add-on in the Heroku marketplace.

In alpha mode, we need to manually whitelist users of the add-on by inviting their email address in the Heroku system.

Several of you previously told us you’re interested in alpha testing. Aside from this email, you will get an invite email directly from Heroku, and you will then be able to connect the add-on to any Heroku apps in your account.

Note: you DO need to add a credit card to Heroku in order to deploy apps. You won’t be charged for Hobby tier dynos, but you do need it on file (thanks @dholms for flagging this)

If you don’t get the email from Heroku, please contact us and we can get you added. Note: we need to know the email address you’re signed up to Heroku with

You can find interactive documentation for the API here:

We also have client libraries for a number of different languages, available on Github:

Do you want to use the API directly, rather than as a Heroku add on? No problem, email us or leave a comment and we’ll issue you an API key directly.

If you have questions, run into bugs, want to get feedback on IPFS apps, or anything else, either message us directly or leave comments here in the forum.

Let us know what you build!

Congrats on the alpha launch! :raised_hands:
Some quick questions for ya:

  • Right now it looks like this is a pinning API, is this the only feature at the moment?
  • Will the API be a gateway? (ie. can I request stuff through it as well?)
  • Any planned features, or roadmap?
  • What does the Heroku addon do? Just generate the username + password and config vars, or does it do more than that?
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Uploads plus pinning is the initial feature - developers should be able to just store and retrieve files using IPFS.

Features are mostly out in the open on GitHub

Encryption and metadata are two that are on deck.

We’re not running a gateway right now. Recommend you use the main IPFS gateway OR use Cloudflare’s mapped to your own domain. We’ll automate some of this with DNS and are looking at responsiveness/ speed. Let us know how you would like this to work or what issues you have!

Yes, the Heroku add on provisions user + API key. Meant to “just work” and be used with “deploy to Heroku” apps. Inspired by Bucketeer, an S3 add on that does the same thing.

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Thanks :tada:

It’s an upload API right now. There’s no option (yet) to pin an existing CID without having the file locally.

Currently the idea is not to. File hosting isn’t going to be the long-term focus, but it’s nessesary to build out some of these bridges for other features. There’s a bunch of API gateways that have way more infrastructure than we ever could (Cloudflare, Protocol Labs, Pinata, &c). As @boris mentions above, we’re going to be adding all kinds of hooks into this first thin little slice.

So many. Posting our slide deck shortly…

Yes, it provisions keys to use our service, and binds them to Heroku environment variables. This is a pretty common pattern for file hosting services on Heroku.

We also have early versions of client libraries to call into the service, which (will eventually) assume that these env vars are available.

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Here’s the deck :point_up: Not a granular roadmap per se — more the overarching vision.

Thanks for the detailed answers.
Very excited to see how this is going to evolve! :astonished:

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