IPFS Apps and Code Dataset on Qri

Looking at the Awesome IPFS repository, we noticed a couple of things. First, it’s a more complicated setup than a regular edit-the-README awesome list. Second, when browsing the things there, a number of the tools are stale, deprecated, or just plain don’t work any more.

So we started browsing the IPFS tag on Github to look at other projects that use IPFS. For now, we did this pretty manually, with the data being entered by @Mariana.

We have a Google Sheet here https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1cBCK6eJ_kw95pXFaI8RlMLtPhhlNBIKPu5l-HCMn1KA/edit#gid=0

Qri Dataset

The next step will be to import this into Qri. This means that a dataset about IPFS code, tools, apps, and more, will be stored on IPFS itself, using Qri. It means we can build multiple awesome websites on top of the dataset, and multiple people can add to, extend, and improve the dataset.

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