IPFS / IPLD Security & Encryption Workshop

January 13th, 16:00-18:00 UTC

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To add come context:

Nice, totally agree on that point @ianopolous. By the way, @textileio are big fans of cryptree (I think @fission-suite also uses cryptrees).

I started writing a reply clarifying where UCANs fit, but it veered into the weeds (you can still find that post here if interested). TL;DR — UCANs are very general, but for this topic they’re aimed at the mutable portion of the stack (IPNS, DNSLink, &c), though we can piggyback and do more checks in one go. Our whitepaper is in a constant state of updating, but more about our approach can be found there.

Mainly wanted to pipe up and say:

  • Cryptrees are awesome

    • Would love to see them adopted more widely / or even directly part of IPFS
    • Various implementations have issues leaking metadata; we think we fixed that
  • Whatever the solution, ideally it maintains a diversity of approaches at higher layers

New Year Call

We’d love to help organize and/or host a call in the new year on this topic :two::zero::two::one::tada: i.e. Cover things like what has everyone built to scratch this itch? Use cases, requirements gathering, alignment, and so on. Thoughts?

A call in January sounds great to hear what everyone has encountered or built in terms of defining security properties they’re making use of, and in terms of the ones they’d like to be able to have/enforce.

To throw out a potential structure:

  • 5-10min presentations of what people have built
  • 2-5min per participant laying out what properties would be valuable, and where they’d like to draw lines for security
  • group discussion reconciling and identifying engineering subsystems that would be most useful in addressing these properties.

Throwing out an arbitrary time slot when things ramp up after the holidays, any objections to Wednesday, Jan 13th 4pm-6pm UTC?


Great, thanks @willscott – this was on my list to ask about.

URL changed to Veertly | Virtual events, virtual networking! so that lightning talks can be better recorded / broadcast. Sorry for the last moment change. should be updated everywhere.

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Pretty handwritten slides:

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Some links shared during:

Video: ipfs _ ipld security & encryption workshop