IPFS JS Core, js-ipfs and service workers with Alan Shaw, IPFS Core Dev

Alan Shaw is an IPFS Core Dev, and we’ve asked him to come on and talk about js-ipfs and service workers, and the general work around IPFS in browsers.

You can follow him on Twitter @_alanshaw, here is his bio:

Background reading:

Join us for a Zoom video on Thursday, April 2, 2020 4:00 PM – calls go for an hour and a bit, please bring your questions and share what you’re working on if you like as well.

Zoom link: https://zoom.us/j/116710002 (visit our Discord chat for password)

image from ipfs-browser-sandbox


Native IPFS Browser

Alan has been experimenting with a desktop browser, built with Electron, that has native IPFS support.

Attendee Intros

Every week, after any main speakers, we go around and have people intro themselves and what they’re working on – either literally that day / week, or more broadly. Here’s the attendee intros:

Carsten Zippie Demo

I also pulled out just the clip of Carsten @stskeeps giving us a quick demo of what he’s doing with IPFS at Zippie. Ideally we’ll have him do a full walk through on an upcoming call.

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