IPFS Photo Gallery in Beta on Heroku

This is going to contain instructions and notes on the new version of the IPFS Photo Gallery that is a React app rewritten by @patdryburgh rather than the original Node / Express. Now that our Heroku add-on is in Beta, users no longer have to be whitelisted and manually connect to the add-on. Yay!

The github repo for this app is here:

Installing your own version of the photo gallery

You can hit this deploy button to have your own version:


If you want to make edits of your own, first fork the repo and then hit the “Deploy to Heroku” button in your fork’s repo.

You need to pick a name like bmann-gallery, which will give you a subdomain for your app on Heroku like bmann-gallery.herokuapp.com.

There is no step 2! The app will compile and deploy and you’ll be able to visit it in your browser.

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