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Publishing my 5th web app today. You can use it to collect and enjoy video or audio links from different platforms and keep a record of what you’ve played.

time description
00:00 Intro
00:24 Collection
00:54 Add with one click
02:59 Add by pasting links
03:31 Receive a playlist
04:39 Send a playlist


I love how you can share a playlist with the URL hash—here are the last few songs from the #music-exchange in Discord: Play

Nice, congrats. I scheduled to share it on the Fission account.

Kind of a different topic, but related: I’m using #zerodata rather than 0data to tag stuff like this because it’s more readable. Maybe change up the domain too?

True it’s more readable written out, I’ll look into alternate domains.

Great Rosano. Tested in Brave and Chrome on One Laptop and Brave again on another.
Works great.

There seems to be an issue with Invalid Date at the top. But it is a great start.


Something is not right with the images here
check out the corresponding Tweet

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I think i was handling timezone offsets incorrectly, can you try the latest version? Run the ‘force update’ command from the launcher in the bottom right.

I did do force update than a shift f5 on an old windows 7 machine it give update available. Clicked on it clearly did something but still invalid date.
Chrome needs updating there two.
trying on windows 10
Still no joy

can you tell me what your getTimezoneOffset is? Date.prototype.getTimezoneOffset() - JavaScript | MDN

apparently windows uses EDT instead of EST Javascript's Date.getTimezoneOffset() - Stack Overflow - if you could confirm what new Date('1/1/2009').getTimezoneOffset() returns also that would be helpful.

new Date('1/1/2009').getTimezoneOffset()


i deployed another change. try ‘force update’ again?

looking good

it says Today

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