KAIZEN CLI - All-in-one decentralized solution platform

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:eyes:KAIZEN is an one stop solution for dapp and dweb developer. With KAIZEN, you get to:

:point_right:t3:Manage multiple decentralized tech in one platform (The Graph/Ethereum/Tron/)

:point_right:t3:Easily build your blockchain on popular providers (IPFS/SWARM/ChainLink).

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Gyuri Lajos

Interoperability of decent(ralized) platforms should start at being able to operate them side by side. Kudos for peineering this space. Our approach differs in that we seek the shortest path to delivering user value as we are aiimg to bootstrap to co-evolve, meta-design user extensibility and personalizability and interoperability at scale. Being end user/artizan developer focused with https://twitter.com/TrailHub1 rely on https://fission.codes/ as a Configuration Provider for WebNative development to be an Autonomous Capability Facilitator. Hope to see these paths converging in the future.


I wonder if making an installer for fission in npm makes sense, since mostly JS based apps are the best stack.

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I think its actually an easier way for the dev to install and work on a project, i mean, its very usefull (but I’m not a package manager fan)

Personally I prefer binary releases certainly for fission.codes, as building from source tends to be way more brittle say 6 months down the line.

Starter kits that combine starter kits for app development using specific frameworks like Elm, AppRun or React does make perfect sense though.
Or an npm package that adds Fission’s Constellation Provision would make perfect sense.

the way I work on windows is to run fission in WSL and just take a single build directory for any specific app from wherever it is being developed
but moving towards adding it to IPFS and use the CID.
I actually like WSL. I know windows updates can be scary.
I turned off automatic updates a month at a time reset it weekly
You would have to be doing something like that with Ubuntu now.
Check out the horror story reported here https://twitter.com/aphelionz/status/1307055323560239105

I think relying on IPFS pins are way better then checking out git for delivery.

More importantly, unless one wishes to contribute to the project or develop it further themselves, adjust

Yes, the CLI will have binary releases.

I’m wondering if using npm as a way to install binaries is something that is used elsewhere. It means that when checking out a github repo, npm install would give you a fission binary and everything else you need.

A future thought, not necessary now :slight_smile:

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