Key and FIL flows for Filecoin Backup App

I made a Whimsical diagram describing the FIL address creation and how co-signing works.


Step 1: App Signup / Login

Users login with a Fission account or sign up for a new one.

We generate a new FIL address for them with BLS.

Stored in Fission WNFS and encrypted, which syncs to IPFS.

  • Device linking for access on other devices
  • Account Recovery for catastrophic restore

Future: export the BLS fragment so it can be imported into any other Fission account / connected to the Co-Signer.

Step 2: File / Storage Deal Management

Upload some files / select files from their existing WNFS storage.

Create a Backup, submit it for a Storage Deal.

(Various core backup app activities)

Step 3: Send funds from Local

Submit a transaction to send funds from local to pay for storage deals.

Local key is combined with co-signer key to approve transfer of funds from local address to Lotus instance.

Lotus Single Key

Right now, Lotus has a single key for the instance. So, we can’t flow through transactions from the user directly to the Filecoin blockchain: you’re always sending funds to a Lotus instance, which then pays on your behalf for storage deals.