Legacy archival music player (Fission, IPFS, Filecoin, NFTs?)


I would like to create an app that is both a music player and the “proof-of-authentic-archive” of some music files. I want the people who use the app to feel like they are participating in the guarantee-of-existence of the authentic music files. Furthermore, I would like to create a mechanism by which people can get social proof for investing resource in the permanent archival of these authentic music files.

User Impact

The music to be archived is the recording legacy of my wife, who is a pianist, and who made several recordings of the works of JS Bach that are licensed to the public using Creative Commons Zero non-license (public domain).

This has ensured that many people encounter her works, and that people feel empowered to use her works in films, games, television etc. But there is currently no concept of canonical authenticity. If someone wanted to know if they have the authentic original master recording, or if it is digitally different in any way, the only thing they could do is ask me to validate. I will not be around forever.

So for the people who love this music, I want to offer a music player (a Fission app). By using this app, which is linked to the IPFS stored versions of these files, you know that you are accessing the authentic original versions of the files, and also participating in their distributed archival.

Still, this leaves open the possibility that too few people use the app, or that pinning services like Fission stop operating for these files, and the files could in fact become lost. So I’m also thinking about ways that people can participate in their long-term archival and gain social proof as reward. I’m wondering if there is an NFT that can be created for the files that, by means of its smart contract, pays a royalty in Filecoin to ensure storage of the file.



  • Browser based app
  • Scan QR codes or follow URLs to get to the app
  • Must work on mobile
  • Loads files via IPFS and plays them


  • Own the IPFS hash of an individual file
  • Sale of NFT pays royalty to Filecoin miner to prolong archive of file


NFT writes a human readable name to the ledger associated with the IPFS hash that is “owned”; The app then reads these and displays these on each file as it’s played so that the app user can see the history of ownership of the NFT (and possibly the relative contribution to the Filecoin mining to ensure its legacy)

My questions

  • Is this possible?
  • Is it a plausible way to create a lasting archival copy of these files that are accessible to music lovers?
  • What are the hard parts?
  • Is there a better way?
  • What am I missing?

With fission and fission accounts, you could technically have an encrypted IPFS file of the music — that is a unique minted NFT per purchaser.

But that doesn’t help you preserve it :wink:

Loading via IPFS not a problem.

For NFTs, you generally mint “editions”. So you might mint 100 editions of a song.

Each purchase, through a smart contract, could split that purchase into streams of value. So, one stream could go to extending the lifetime of storage.

Resales, depending on the contract, could do additional things, including a royalty back to the creator, or a top up to a Filecoin miner.

The app itself is any front end you like plus some (probably Ethereum for greatest flexibility and power and user base of NFT purchasers today) smart contracts.

Ethereum to Filecoin doesn’t totally exist seamlessly today but I think this is a great general purpose use case. Paying to secure knowledge over time. There is “Wrapped FIL” on Ethereum that I need to check in on progress, and you’d send it to a dedicated address on Filecoin which funds the “storage deals” for all the audio files.

I’ll point this at some NFT / musician friends as well for ideas.

Thanks! With a Fission app I can legit say that as long ad people are using the app, they’re contributing to the archival.

@robertDouglass I found another piece of the puzzle.


I know the team behind this and it solves the Ethereum to Filecoin issue.

Interesting!! I had seen Aragon and wondered if there was some cross utility. Thanks! :slight_smile:

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Nothing to do with Aragon other than being inspired by part of that. This is from May 2021 when this shipped. We know the Vulcanize team well that built this.

Here’s a demo app by the dev, on Rinkeby http://lighthouse.ninja

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This looks interesting https://estuary.tech/

Why would I use https://estuary.tech?

If you are a human who wants to upload public data sets to the internet, our Estuary Node is a solution to that problem.

Success! You have uploaded a file to the Filecoin Network and you can retrieve that content address from any IPFS gateway.

Fission is referenced there. Is that being used in production at Fission?

We’re working closely with the Estuary team as part of #projects:webnative-filecoin-integration

We’re wrapping up Fission Auth integration into Estuary.

Not running in production yet, but we may directly run this as part of our file storage and availability layer.

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