Making the Webnative SDK and Fission app publishing great for Elm apps

At Fission, we’ve had lots of good experiences with Elm and the Elm community. Our first big call out to find developers in the Elm community resulted in a number of people that are part of the direct team today, like @matheus23 and @bgins.

We’re building the interface for the core Fission platform – like the Auth Lobby and Account Dashboard – in Elm. And, our main “first party” app, Fission Drive, is also in Elm.

Finally, @icidasset recently created an Elm-optimized library for the webnative SDK, webnative-elm. Thanks to @erlandsona for early feedback on this!

So I’m kicking off this thread to collect ideas, improvements, and research areas to make building, hosting, and shipping Elm apps better with Fission.

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First item is SPA routing support. I wrote about this in the context of the go-ipfs gateway potentially adding support for this:

It’s more likely that we’ll directly add a proxy to Fission’s infrastructure, and make SPA routing and related app support directly enabled through fission.yaml settings.