Micropub endpoint that posts to Fission IPFS


Micropub is an API interface that is a W3C Recommendation. And endpoint lets you post various kinds of micropub posts – article, note, bookmark, etc.

With a Micropub compatible server endpoint and a Fission IPFS API interface, posts could be published directly to IPFS


User Impact

Who would want to use this and why?

Anyone interested in using Micropub clients to publish direct to IPFS.


Adapt IndieKit or similar server to add Fission API interface

IndieKit runs NodeJS and can be deployed to Heroku, where the Fission IPFS add on could easily be connected as well.

Markdown Build and/or Display

Assuming Markdown input and templates using IndieKit, these markdown files would need to be rendered to HTML for display.

Alternately, a Fission markdown-display-app might be built.

For now, rendering HTML on the server and pushing that into IPFS likely makes the most sense.