New Releases: Neo CLI and Webnative Versioning new feature

We’ve got two releases today!

Neo CLI 2.9.1 fixes Watch command

Neo Flying

We’ve got a release up for MacOS and Linux manual installs on Github, and brew is updated as well.

You can continuously publish your app by adding the --watch option to publish. The Fission CLI will watch your build directory and publish whenever it detects a change.

$ fission app publish --watch

Full details in the guide »

Thanks @samuelandert for flagging this error and @expede for rolling a fix last night, and @walkah for release mastering.

Webnative 0.20.1 adds versioning

Each file and directory now has a “history” property, which you can use to get earlier versions of that item. There is a code example in the guide.

Available on NPM and wherever fine package.json’s are found.

Great job @icidasset in adding this and release mastering, looking forward to seeing how people use this feature to add versioning to their apps!