"No Code" is great. But here's why we need *Yes* Code, Anil Dash, May 2020

Anil goes into the rising trend of “No Code” tools, and goes a step further, saying that we should be focusing on “Yes Code”. Anil is the CEO of Glitch, which is embracing this “Yes Code” concept.

Yes Code is based on three key ideas:

  1. There are millions of important apps, websites, and projects that can’t be made by an off-the-shelf template
  2. Being able to code is a superpower, and we should enable more people to tap into that ability, by lowering the barriers
  3. The biggest barriers to coding are technical complexity around processes like collaboration and deployment, and social obstacles like gatekeeping and exclusion — so that’s what we’ve got to fix

Today’s internet isn’t fully serving the needs of a lot of people around the world. There may be great tools for sharing a photo or sending a message, but most of the sites and apps we use every day are made by a small number of companies with goals or incentives that might not match our own. We’re feeling the negative effects of that reality every day.

Ask yourself: When’s the last time you used an app, or visited a website, that was made by an actual individual person ?