Notes from Orcfax Whiteboard

PvG is working on Orcfax, an oracle system initially for the Cardano ecosystem

His background is in professional archiving software. He is the founder and creator of Archivematica

We met to review his proposed architecture and shared information about Fission’s use of IPFS and Filecoin, our webnative SDK, and #ucan and #wnfs protocols.

These are some links that came up in discussion.

If you’re building a PoS validator network, look at Cosmos SDK as one example of turn key blockchain codebase

DECO: Liberating Web Data Using Decentralized Oracles for TLS

Basically “TLS is signed, so you can use it to prove that a certain HTTPS server on some domain responded in some way to you. But because that’s to easy lets do it only proving minimal information using ZKP.”

via Fission Discord

Helium is a crypto-powered IoT network

Currently mostly LoraWAN gateways. 5G support is up next.

WeatherXM is a Filecoin accelerator team working on weather station oracles

Qri works with large data sets on IPFS and has custom tools for data scientists. Have implemented the GoLang versions of UCAN and WNFS and are actively working with us on expanding the protocols.

Nerves Project — Elixir for IoT devices.

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Thanks so much for this and the great discussion
with you and Brooke. This is the very first draft concept map I created for our meet up this week. It still needs lots of refinements, not least of which is incorporating your feedback. We’re aiming to post a public version in early Dec but reading your excellent notes now, I think it’s worthwhile to share here with anyone reading this thread as it does explain the core concept and starting point for our discussion relatively well.

Also my profile site that you linked to is a bit dated. If anyone wants to know more about my recent related work, connect/follow here: