ODD SDK 0.37 Release (Webnative SDK is now ODD SDK)

We’ve just released the ODD SDK at 0.37.0. The major change is that we’ve renamed the Webnative SDK to ODD SDK and transferred the project to a new ODD SDK organization. Here are the new links for the project:

Please see our migration guide for updating your application to use the new ODD SDK.

We’re in the process of transferring app templates and examples to the new ODD SDK org. GitHub should redirect you when viewing on the web, but you may need to update remotes if you have cloned these projects or the ts-odd (formerly webnative) library.

This version of the SDK also moves file system event listeners to the top-level program and adds session create and destroy event listeners. We’ve prepared a migration guide for the change to the file system event listeners and added a section documenting session event listeners.

Please open an issue on Github if you find any defects in this release or come talk to us in #dev-support on Discord.