Oldspeak Network

Hey there!

I manage two collectives, the first, DecentSocial, has been using Fission as a fiscal host for the last month and it’s gone amazing! Y’all are great. I’m posting to request approval for a second collective, the Oldspeak Network.

I currently live at the London College of Political Technology, and the Oldspeak network is a community run initiative to organize the wider community of alumni and members who attend events at our space.

One group who hosts events at our space, The Future of Coding, also uses Fission as their fiscal host, so it seemed natural to ask if you would be willing to serve as the fiscal host for the Oldspeak Network as well.

Hi @ianconsolata thanks for introducing Oldspeak. I see your application on Open Collective, and will approve it. Happy to support you!

Hey @boris we have a few expenses that were submitted before you were our fiscal host that got approved that we’d like to reimburse for: Oldspeak Network · Expenses - Open Collective

I think they probably just got lost in the shuffle, anything you need from us to complete the reimbursement on those?

ok! We’ll take care of it. I did see them in my inbox, not sure why they didn’t float up into the queue.

Hi Ian,

I paid the first via Wise and the second two through the OC UI. Please check in with Artem to confirm he got the credit.