Olin - WebAssembly + Event Sourcing

Olin is an environment to run and operate functions as a service projects using event sourcing and webassembly under the hood. Your handler code shouldn’t need to care that there is an event queue involved. Your handler should just do what your handler needs to do.

We got pointed at Olin by @blaine. A lot of it sounds exactly like what @expede has been thinking about, and we’re excited to find other projects already under way that are similar to what we’ve got planned.

More from the olin README:

I would like to make a prescriptive environment kinda like Google Cloud Functions or AWS Lambda backed by a durable message queue and with handlers compiled to webassembly to ensure forward compatibility. As such, the ABI involved will be versioned, documented and tested. Multiple ABI’s will eventually need to be maintained in parallel, so it might be good to get used to that early on.

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