Open Collective / Projects / Goals

just exploring oc and i have some questions:

  1. is it possible to create a ‘project’ with stretch goals? for example if the goal is reached, the same goal will have a higher target? it seems like you have to create separate goals and the funds from one do not mix with the other.
  2. is it possible for someone who starts a recurring contribution to ‘direct’ some of it (let’s say the first payment for example) towards a goal? or do people have to effectively ‘pay twice’ if they decide to support both?

i wanted to propose an initiative for one of my apps, and would like to say that anyone contributing (with a recurring contribution or one-time towards a goal) can vote on something pertaining to said goal. i’m not sure if that’s something one just does through messages or if there’s a technical mechanism for that.

my observations are based on:

btw i tried posting this in Fission Open Collective Fiscal Host - Fission Talk but i think it’s locked.

For funding a collective, there are tiers, and you can make them different kinds.

So, you can make a one time donation tier that has “goal” enabled, and it will show xx% completed.

You can ALSO make a project, which is a special kind of sub-section of a collective, that has its own tiers.

I did both with the TiddlyWiki one. I made a sub project for File Uploads, and then made a goal per backend.

No, recurring donations can’t really be directed.

I would recommend that any backer be allowed to vote / suggest / feedback on initiatives.

I was thinking this category would mainly be an “announce” one for our fiscal host. I edited it to create / ask questions there too and moved this in. Feel free to create new ones here.