Open Source and Money: a Fireside Chat with Erlend Sogge Heggen


Erlend Sogge Heggen @erlend_sh has a long history of involvement with open source and business.

We’ll run this call “fireside chat” style, with @boris covering some questions and discussion with @erlend_sh, as well as taking questions from the audience.

Open Source and Money is a broad topic. Support for maintainers, business models, licensing, companies funding open source, and so much more.

Background Reading

Questions / Topics

Have questions ahead of time? We’ll add some areas for discussion, please leave comments or tweet at us and we’ll see what we can cover.

  • Why the Open Core haters are wrong
  • Can open source be a job?
  • License vs. Business Model

Join us Thursday, June 11, 2020 4:00 PM

Zoom link: (visit our Discord chat for password).


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Latest from @erlend_sh:

And this recent post:

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Notes from a couple of items mentioned on the call:

Back your stack – scan your repos, check which dependencies are available to fund / sponsor via Open Collective.

Polyform Non-Commercial License is like the Prosperity License

An “eventually open source” license example is MariaDB’s Business Source License

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