Open Source Company Stack

Putting together a list of software for working with software based companies.

Focus is on open source licensing, while also looking at privacy preserving issues.

Open Source Stash has a much larger list, including desktop apps and client software.


Plausible Analytics

AGPL licensed. They recently made some changes on how they support the self hosted version - twice a year long term releases.

Cloud version starts at $6/month for unlimited websites


Simple and privacy focused web analytics. Fully hosted, $14/month for unlimited websites.

Originally started as a #golang based open source project that could be self hosted. With this hosted version, which is not open source, it perhaps should not be on this list.

Product Metrics

Post Hog

Like Mixpanel or Heap.

Github repo with only FOSS code:

  • only one project, only one organization

Forked by bmann so that Deploy to Heroku points to the right spot:


Use to create dashboards and analytics around your apps data, without having to do manual SQL queries or build custom dashboards.

Can answer questions like “how many people signed up this week” as well as help support for things like “who owns this app” or “how much storage is this app using”.

Deploy to Heroku:

Will need a paid tier of Postgres at $9-$20 per month.



Run your support channels - web chat, email, Twitter, Facebook, Slack, etc. Supports webhooks and API for arbitrary channels.



  • $49 / month, billed annually, support tier

Self-hosted instructions

Needs email in and out. For Mailgun, inbound email is at the $35/month tier.

Storage needs to be added - any of the cloud providers or anything with an S3-compatible API.


Discourse Forum

Running Discourse on eg Digital Ocean in a Docker-Ized setup is very well supported, on a $10 / month server.

Discourse for Teams is a professional paid hosted offering to run as internal communications for companies.

Fission runs this Discourse both for open community purposes as well as for internal company team purposes.

Matrix Chat

The main matrix network can have rooms set up for free.

Gitter uses the Matrix protocol and is integrated into Gitlab / GitHub projects. They recently were acquired by Element, the main commercial company behind Matrix.

There is a list of hosting providers, with Element being the main commercial provider, starting at $2/user/month



By the makers of the MonicaCRM, an all in one employee centred tool kit.

Hosted version will be available in 2021.


Another source site to review: