Ory - Open Source Identity

Ory Open Source Servers

  • Ory Kratos is a fully customizable, API-only platform for login, two-factor authentication, social sign in, passwordless flows, registration, account recovery, email / phone verification, secure credentials, identity and user management.
  • Ory Hydra is an API-only, “headless,” OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect provider that can interface with any identity and user management system, such as Ory Kratos, Firebase, your PHP app, LDAP, SAML, and others.
  • Ory Oathkeeper is a zero trust networking proxy and sidecar for popular Ingress services and API gateways. It checks if incoming network request are authenticated, and allowed to perform the requested action.
  • Ory Keto is the world’s first and leading open source implementation of Google’s Zanzibar research paper, an infinitely scalable and blazing fast authorization and permissioning service - RBAC on globally distributed steroids.

via @erlend_sh – thank you for sharing!