OSS/Implementors Dev Chat ~ July 6th, 2023


  • Melanie Riise
  • Zeeshan Lakhani


  • Add pubkey importing / seed generation by mriise · Pull Request #172 · ipvm-wg/homestar · GitHub

    Add support for importing ed25519 and secp256k1 keypairs and generating a new keypair from seed bytes.

    Melanie’s first PR is about ready to be (or already is, as of this writing) merged. Great work in getting the libp2p swarm to bootstrap with a configured keypair, given a .pem or .der accordingly.

  • The next issue to tackle, in iterative steps, is testing our internal libp2p stack and eventing.

    The first goal(s) involves testing/verifying MDNS for local peer discovery and gossipsub interaction for the receipt topic.

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